Article: Health benefits of donating blood

1. Reduce the chance of heart diseases.
2. Enhance the production of new Red Blood Cells.
3. Helps in fighting hemochromitosis. (iron overload disorder)
4. Burns calories. (one pint of blood (450 ml) when donated burns 650 calories in donor’s body)
5. Invigorated feeling in elderly people. (mentioned but not proved)

for further info. check this:

Wake up call - New world order (documentary)
about conspiracy theory, 9/11, mind-controlling, and others ... a really must see movie.

Today, I say:
i won some friends .. my bro's friends.

positive thing:
i gave up drinking tea.

Today i read about:
how to negotiate
benefits of blood donating

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surf-and-report.blogspot.com (my friends blog)
www.extremelysmart.com/humor/cowsexplain.php (funny -check the site too)

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